New reseller

The list of our authorized resellers has just expanded! Since now on one can buy our products from MicroMiga.


New turbo card for Amiga 500/500+

Wicher508i - specification

- AmigaA500/A500+ compatibility (in place of the original CPU),
- PLCC68-packaged MC68HC000 chip support,
- recommended chip version: MC68HC000 (not included),
- supported CPU clock speeds: 7,25,50 MHz,
- ram memory: 16MB SDRAM (AmigaOS uses 11MB),
- Amiga A600-compatible IDE controller (required Kickstart >= 2.05 (37.350)),
- I2C controller,
- MAPROM function,
- BootRom function,
- Kickstart: recommended Kickstart 3.1 or up (required Kickstart >= 2.05 (37.350)).



The last batch of Wicher 500i cards

The last batch of Wicher 500i cards was sent to the Sordan store.
As a result, production of the Wicher 500i card has been completed.


Wicher 608

Soon, small, inconspicuous ... Wicher 608. Fast memory for Amiga 600.
- max. 11MB Fast Ram,
- pcmcia friendly,
- maprom


Server problems

We had a server breakdown today.
Sorry for trouble in accessing to website.


A new product on offer

ZXKempstonUSB interface for ZX Spectrum / ZX Spectrum +.
ZXKempstonUSB allows to connect USB joystick or USB GamePad and work in Kempston or Sinclair 1 mode.


Wicher CD32 - new firmware

New firmware for the Xilinx chip introduces corrections of RAM controller and support for NORESETCONFIG function.

Xilinx firmware v3



7-bit is already working on a Kempston interface with support for USB devices (joystick, gamepad).
This is a first device for the ZX Spectrum from 7-bit.

Below the prototype device in action


Wicher CDTV available for sale

Wicher CDTV available in the Sordan store.


Wicher 500i rev.2c card - black version

The last batch black version of Wicher500i rev.2c arrived to RetroAmi.


Wicher card's software update

New version of the WicherInstaller v2.3 software is available.

Change Log


New product on offer

Wicher CDTV for Amiga CDTV.
Available up to 8MB FAST RAM (SDRAM memory), IDE controller.


New reseller

New reseller from USA - Amiga On The Lake.


New expansion card for Amiga CDTV

- 8MB Fast Ram (based on SDRAM memory),
- IDE Controller.