Sum firmware update

This software update is dedicated for Sum USB (A1200) and Sum A600 models.

Firmware update v20151017 comes with following changes:
- Apple USB keyboard (USB hub-equipped models) support,
- new F10 option in adapter’s settings that enables displaying selected keys codes,
- new F12 option in adapter’s settings that establishes displaying device settings,
- new R-Shift + F19 Mac keyboard shortcut launching adapter settings,
- improved SHIFT keys support for Pinball series games

Dedicated download for Sum A600 ==> Sum_20151017.7z
Dedicated download for Sum USB (A1200) ==> Sum_20151017.7z


Finalization of Sum A600 development

Sum A600 development has been completed thereby introducing a new and compact solution that allows connecting USB keyboard devices to Amiga 600 computer.



Ryś MKII available!

We are pleased to announce that we have established cooperation with several online shops for retro computing fans.

Amedia Computer France


Ryś USB / Ryś MKII allows connecting original Amiga, C64, Atari joysticks to PCs, Macs and AmigaNG computers

Thanks to the new firmware version Rys_JoystickToUSB (Ryś USB / Ryś MKII) and dedicated Ryś USB / Ryś MK II adapter one can now connect original Amiga, C64, Atari joysticks to PCs, Macs and AmigaNG computers using USB A-A cable.



En la nueva construcción se ha rediseñado la placa PCB y añadido la memoria EEPROM para guardar los ajustes del dispositivo.


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